Without a doubt this is my least favorite time of year. Actually, I dont like it a bit. However, I have to say, this winter has been wonderfully mild. Unforttunately, I have had abdominal surgery and can barely pick up my tripod, much less my camera bag. So, I am scouring the house for things to photograph. The dogs all run when I pick up a camera. It is pathetic.


One of the first photos I took with my "big" new camera was of this african violet. It was much smaller back then; but, then again, I had a lot less camera gear. The old joke is "you really can get rich in photography... if you own a camera store".

Have been invited to be the guest artist for the NWACC Art Club in April. I'm excited!

Getting Started

I am in an odd position, suspended somewhere between choice 1, decorate my rut.  (I've been here a long time.  Perhaps I should hang curtains) or choice 2, seize the day.  After years of being a slave to multiple jobs, I finally have the time and space to devote to creative endeavors.  The curious question is how do I get started?  I am relying on a little book by Julia Cameron called "The Artist's Way".  In it she instructs us rut-dwellers to do a number of things to reclaim our creative selves.  One of these activities involves an artist "date" once a week.  I am using this blog page as a method of pressuring myself to produce something every week. 

This week I have photographed a clump of debris.  Happily, it was hanging out in the parking lot at work.  I walked past it for a couple of days.  Finally, I stopped, bent over to pick it up, dropping my cell phone and abruptly ending its electronic life.   So, finally, here is what I made of it. Don’t laugh.  We all have to start somewhere.